Are the parts you use from LEGO® or are they 3rd party parts?

All our minifigure parts are official brand new LEGO® parts unless stated otherwise. We use blank LEGO® parts and print custom designs on them. We do not 3D print our parts.


Do you accept corporate orders?

Yes, check out the information here.


Do bigger order quantities always qualify for bulk discounts?

'Yes' for printing cost but 'not always' for part costs. Blank LEGO® parts are rare and when LEGO® decides to stop manufacturing a particular colour, then there will not be any new supply in the market. Nonetheless, we will do our very best to get hold of the supplies for you.


I can't design but would like a customised design not available on your website. Can you create the designs for me?

Yes, we can if you're ordering at least 50 minifigs. 


How long does the design process take?

It depends on the complexity of the subject but it typically takes about 2-4 weeks from the time of payment.


I have some good ideas/requests for minifig designs! Who do I talk to?

Let us know via scientist@minifiglabs.com


Do you ship to...?

Yes, we do ship internationally. Just select the appropriate shipping method during the check out process. Our shipping rates can be found here.

How long will international shipping take?

You can check according to your country here:


I'm a designer myself, so could you give me the design template for your system?

If you're ordering 50 minifigs then email us scientist@minifiglabs.com  for the template.


Where are your blank products?

We're currently undergoing some changes and have thus halted our customisation services for our online retail customers. If the quantity required is at least 50 minifigs, we can still do customisation.